Duck stretch wrap and tape distinction and connection

- Sep 05, 2019-

Duck stretch wrap and tape distinction and connection

In market, duck stretch wrap and adhesive tape is basically at the same time, Sales ,illustrating the two products is similar in some ways, a pack of selling leather products is to be completed, its purpose is similar, but the tape used for clearer, more used , so that most people are easy to accept, and actually stretch film application is very broad, to share with you.At first, EVA was used as self-adhesive material, but its cost was high and it had taste. Later, PIB and VLDPE were used as self-adhesive materials. Now, LLDPE is the main substrate, including C4, C6, C8 and metallocene PE(MPE).Good viscosity of stretch film wholesale makes the packaging film layer on the outside of the goods stick together to make the goods firm, there are two main methods of viscosity acquisition: one is to add PIB or its parent material in high polymer;The other is mixed VLDPE.PIB is a translucent viscous liquid, which is directly added with special equipment or modified. Generally, PIB masterbatch is adopted.

1, the primary protective: the primary protective Product (Product) surface protection, the Product form around a very light, protective appearance, so as to achieve dust, oil, moisture-proof, waterproof (waterproof), anti-theft purposes.2007-11-04 11:04 what is particularly important is that wrapped film packaging enables packaging items to bear force, avoiding damage caused by uneven force, which is impossible to traditional packaging (bundling, packaging, tape, etc.).

2. Firmness in compression:Stretch film with wrap film retraction after tensile force will be winding packaging products (Product) (packaging), forming a compact, does not occupy a Space (Space) of the unit as a whole, make the Product each pallet tightly wrapped together, can effectively prevent (fang useful ǐ) products in the transportation process (process) mutual dislocation and movement, and at the same time can adjust tensile force, tensile pull) can make the hard products close to make soft products,Especially in the tobacco and textile industries, there is a unique packaging effect.

3. Cost saving: wrapping film is used for Product packaging, which can effectively reduce the use cost. Wrapping film is only about 15% of original carton packaging, 35% of thermal shrink film, and 50% of carton packaging.At the same time, it can reduce workers' labor intensity, improve packaging efficiency and packaging level.

For specific products, use tape or stretch film is selected according to different products.At the early stage of the wholesale of stretch film, LLDPE stretch film was mainly blown film, which developed from single layer to second and third layer.Production of LLDPE stretch film based on the casting method.For every household, maybe has a loop of tape and not many have a stretch film. In fact, if you do have a wrap, you will find it extremely convenient to use.