Demand for jumbo roll tape was low in May

- Sep 23, 2019-

Demand for jumbo roll tape was low in May

According to zhuochong statistics, by the end of April 2019, the domestic production capacity of jumbo roll tape reached 3.2477 million tons, equivalent to 276,600 tons per month.According to the indicators in the above table, the output of jumbo roll tape in April 2019 is estimated to be 144,600 tons, with a month-on-month decrease of 140,000 tons and a year-on-year decrease of 490,000 tons.The average monthly price of tape master roll this month is 10845.45 yuan/ton, which is 118.84 yuan/ton lower than last month.

In terms of capacity utilization, the production of jumbo roll tape in China declined slightly in April, and the downstream digestion rate of the market this month was flat. The production rate of jumbo roll tape manufacturers was 53.44%, 1.44% lower than that of the previous month, and 10.12% lower than that of the previous year.

In general, the market price of jumbo roll tape may first shock down, after a short rebound in the middle of the fall, may demand light or continuation.There are many maintenance plans for PP in May, which may support the market price of PP in the middle of the month. BOPP is supported by raw materials, but at the same time considering the impact of off-season market.Equipment maintenance of butyl acrylate production enterprises has been completed, supply of goods has gradually improved, may trend will be more dependent on raw materials, do not rule out there is a stable fall.May need to pay attention to, raw material BOPP raw material PP maintenance dynamic and butyl acrylate raw material propylene maintenance plan, it is estimated that in May tape master volume market price first fell, then rebound, then make a deal, solid offer volume negotiation operation is obvious, price fluctuation in 10000-10700 yuan/ton.