Come together to witness the production operation of the packed extruder

- Jun 12, 2018-

The PET packaging belt production line is composed of a powerful extrusion machine, an auxiliary auxiliary machine and an extended cooling water tank, an oven, a traction embossing unit, a double-distribution reel unit, and a split-type automatic temperature control electrical cabinet. It is adapted to all levels of recycled plastic particles. Production of sandwich belts and non-sandwich belts. For direct production of hand-packed belts; can be directly processed into hand or machine, dyed or printed with the heart of the packing belt, once completed; can be used for direct processing into hand, machine and printing core packing belt, ultra-wide, Ultra-thin, ultra-narrow, transparent, dyed, and printed straps. It is the most cost-effective and highly competitive product on the market, and it is the most popular product for medium and small investment. Can produce a variety of manual belts, machine belts, and export belts;

Packing machine extruder operation should pay attention to what matters?

1 Inform the staff around the equipment when preparing to drive.

2 When disassembling and installing the screw and die, do not hit the part directly with a heavy hammer. If necessary, pry hardwood and then knock it out to disassemble or install it.

3 When cleaning the screw, barrel and mold residue, you must use a bamboo or copper knife, brush cleaning, scraping scrap steel or using a fire to grill the parts.

4 In the initial stage of production, the screw uses the lowest working speed, and the feeding is small and uniform. At any time, check whether there is any abnormality in the swing of the working current meter pointer of the motor used to drive the screw.

5 When handling the strapping machine failure, the strapping machine must not drive. When the packing machine screw rotates and adjusts the mold, the operator is not allowed to face the extrusion cylinder to prevent accidents.

6 The screw air test run must not exceed 30min. After everything is normal, the molds for the production products shall be installed and the connection bolts shall be installed. Before the use, a layer of molybdenum disulfide or silicon oil shall be applied to facilitate the disassembly.

7 Slowly start the motor with the drive screw to check if the pointer of the main motor working current meter swings normally. If there is abnormal sound of the equipment working operation or the screw operation is unstable, stop immediately and look for the relevant personnel to repair and solve.

8 After the strapping machine is put into normal production work, the operator should always check the temperature change of the bearing part. When checking the temperature of the motor and bearing parts, apply finger back to gently touch the inspection site. Do