Clear pallet stretch wrap in three forms of packaging use

- Sep 10, 2019-

Clear pallet stretch wrap in three forms of packaging use

In the field of warehouse storage, drawing film tray packaging is widely used in foreign countries for three-dimensional storage and transportation, so as to save space and land.The main forms of use are as follows:

Sealed packaging

The packaging is similar to shrink-wrap, in which a stretch film wraps around the tray, then two hot grips heat seal the stretch film together.This was the earliest use of stretch film, from which more packaging forms were developed

Full width packaging

It requires a stretch film wide enough to cover the tray, regular shape of the tray, so it has a stretch film thickness of 17 to 35 microns

The manual packing

This type of packaging is the simplest type of stretching-film packaging. The stretching-film is mounted on a rack or held by hand and is rotated by a tray or the stretching-film is rotated around the tray.Mainly used in the packaging of the damaged tray, and ordinary tray packaging.This kind of packing speed is slow, suitable stretch film thickness is 15 ~ 20 micron;

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