Basic knowledge of rewinding machine printing to jumbo rolls manufacturers

- Sep 02, 2019-

Basic knowledge of rewinding machine printing to jumbo rolls manufacturers

1. Rewinding machine adjusts the printing pressure.In the offsctdruckereien process, plate, rubber, imprint lithography three drums in each adjacent two drums are in contact with each other, extrusion and transfer.In order to get the normal ink transfer on the printing paper and reproduce the continuous tone text, line, image and half-tone dot of the graphic part, these imprints, in addition to the surface contact of the two rollers, must be in addition to the necessary printing pressure.The weight of printing pressure, adjust the degree of mastery is accurate, will directly determine the text and text transfer printing and printing dot reappearance ink size, depth of the bad degree.You need to adjust the center distance between the imprint lithography drum and rubber drum in adhesive printing, can increase the center distance of the drum by 0.2 ~ 0.4mm.If the paper from thick to thin, you should reduce the thickness, that is, from the printing plate liner out of the lining thickness added to the rubber drum;If the paper when printing is turned by thin thick word, subtract certain thickness from rubber cylinder liner, add corresponding thickness to the liner of printing plate cylinder.


Rewinding machine when the plate to compaction, the compaction, prevent the relative sliding when printing operation, generally in the actual production to control the ideal printing pressure around 0.15 0.25 mm, must highlight the ideal printing pressure, is the printing surface compression deformation in certain cases, the graphic part of the plate of imprinting enough sturdy in the paper, using least pressure points are clear on the basis of complete.

2, in the printing of adhesive should pay attention to the adjustment of the paper.To feed the paper part of the suction nozzle and blowing nozzle air volume should be larger.

3, the paper nozzle, paper feeding nozzle to replace the larger diameter and thickness of the rubber ring, in order to achieve a smooth paper delivery, paper feeding roll does not swing.

4, printing adhesive because it is the thickness of two layers of coated paper, paper thickness should pay attention to the gap of the two-sheet controller should also increase correspondingly, the side gauge and the front gauge of the press tongue and the distance between the paperboard to increase.

5, rewinding machine feed teeth pad and the surface of the imprint lithography drum and feed teeth pad and paper transfer between the distance, to increase, and maintain the distance is about the thickness of the paper plus 0.3mm.