Analysis of the whole system process of automatic winder

- Jun 20, 2018-

Automatic winding machine automatic winding system has the advantages of reducing labor costs, allowing higher extrusion rate and neat appearance of rolled products, and brings higher efficiency and profitability to pipe production companies.

The automatic winding system is mainly applied to the maximum diameter of pipes up to 32mm, such as polyethylene (PE) pressure pipes, PEX/PB/PERT pipes, plumbing pipes, cables and other types of plastic pipe. The large semi-automated equipment is designed for winding HDPE (high-density polyethylene) pressure pipes up to 200mm in diameter, safely and efficiently producing rolls weighing up to 200kg.

The automatic winder is mainly used for the coiling of strip steel in a steel rolling machine. The main parts of the coiler consist of a power control system, an expansion and contraction mechanism, a receiving device, and a hydraulic control system. Advantages of the unwinding machine: The unwinding machine has a simple structure and a low manufacturing cost. The unwinding roll-shaped film material can also be placed on a roll as required. The unified Taiwan grain combiner can choose different cutting heads according to the level of grain output in the area of use.

Intermediate conveyor: used to send the ear stalk sent from the header to the threshing device. The cutting width of the header is determined based on the size of the power of the grain winder and the power of the threshing and separating device. There are chain type, belt type and wheel type. Winder Rotary conveyor consists of a trough and several runners with blades or racks. The runner speed is about 10 to 15 meters per second, and the speed of each runner increases gradually from bottom to top. Widely used in cold-rolled sheet industry, cold-rolled non-ferrous metal sheet, black sheet metal and stainless steel sheet industry, has been produced for a large number of cold-rolled strip mill rolling mill, pickling line, degreasing line, galvanizing line, tin line and other production Line matching. Roller type uncoiler: The bottom roll feed is used for the next unwinding tube production line.

The advantage of adopting the evc-lcd man-machine interface of the automatic winder is that the configuration software of the brand human-machine interface directly utilizes the files of the C language profile, and we briefly reduce the C language files during the configuration screen process. This maximal limitation increases the amount of obligations in the screen migration process. The software of the system is mainly controlled by man-machine interface parameter setting and process timely detection and PLC includes field stop logic control. The man-machine interface software mainly includes system diagram, process parameters in time, analysis, parameter setting, mathematical model calculation, alarm, history list data. Waiting for the picture, these screen outlines allow workers to intuitively and casually grasp the operation of the stagnation, and also concisely arbitrarily suspend the user's equipment care in the later period.