Wide Double Sided Tape

OPALUS PACK manufacturer specialize in Wide Double Sided Tape. Special prices everyday in FOB USD0.2-0.4 per roll. Product range:Packing Bopp Tape,Bopp Jumbo Roll,Masking Tape,Double Sided Tape Etc.

Product Details

Product Description:


  1. High density foam. Harder than usual foam.

  2.  Excellent gripping force; peel strength and initial adhesion.  

  3.  Impact resistance, heat resistance and moisture resistance.

  4. High density foam. Harder than usual foam.  

  5.  Excellent gripping force; peel strength and initial adhesion.  

  6.  Impact resistance, heat resistance and moisture resistance.

  7.  Excellent adhesion to different surfaces, such as: metal; plastic; paper; wood and silicon.

  1. Anti-rust and moisture-proof of glass curtain wall and components;

  2.  For the insulation, connection, bundling, modification, sealing and marking of buildings;

  3. Electronic and digital products, processing and assembly of household appliances; advertising board, adhesion of LED boards;

  4. For cars: nameplates, decorative strips, markings, is an ideal replacement for 3M products.

  5. In addition to maintaining the glass or cladding at a predetermined distance from the substrate, a suitable silicone seam design can be performed.

  6. Proof sounds to resist impact in areas such as buildings.

Our advantage
  1. Our foam tape factory. Low prices and fast delivery.

  2. All tapes are customized according to size, color and purpose.

  3. Earned an honest reputation in the field of tape.

  4. We will be responsible for each roll of tape sold.

  5. Nearly 60% of our bookings come from repeat business.

Our service
  1. Your inquiry will be answered within 12 hours.

  2.  Well-trained, experienced sales staff can answer your enquiries in English.

  3.  During working hours, the email will reply you within 2 hours.

  4. Your business relationship with us will be kept confidential to any third party.

  5.  Good after-sales service.

Wide double sided tapewide double sided tape: hot melt adhesive, water gel, oil gel, acrylic glue, silicone,rubber and other pressure sensitive adhesive.

Wide double sided tape The pattern of tape, more or less will leave a trace, be careful not to overheat, otherwise, it will remain more.



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