PE/EVA Double Side Foam Tape

Double Sided Foam Tape is made out of foam of PE, PU, PVC and EVA coated with various types of adhesive for various applications. It is used in refrigeration, stationery, die-cut, impact preventing material or adheres with advertising sign board and plates and various other applications. This tape is available in different thicknesses.
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Product Details

TypeDouble Sided
UsagePackaging , Binding, Sealing
ColorRed, Green,Yellow

PE foam tape combines closed cell PE foam ,that is double coated with an adhesive This is a multiourpose foam that's primarily used for dissipation and to distribute stresses and forces over the entire bond line.The entire bond line.The adhesive on the liner side has been specifically formulated to provide an ultra high bond especially in severe exterior applications.


  • UV light resistant

  • Extreme temperature resistant

  • Stress dstribution reduces pressure points,thereby minizing distribution

  • Reducs/eliminates use of liquid adhesives,screws,ricet,welds and subsequent surface refinishing

  • Conformable polyurethane foam promotes maximum suface contact

  • Excellent quick-stick speeds