Packing Cloth Tape

Cloth Tapes are one of the most common forms of adhesive tape and are used in a myraid of applications,due to there strength and conformability. The adhesive system most commonly used for Cloth Tapes is a rubber adhesive and,depending on the grade and quality,generally have poor U/V stability,so they are not suited for prolonged use outdoors. Nevertheless they are a versatile repair product.
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Product Details

Size0-20 mm, 20-40 mm, 40-60 mm
TypeSingle Sided
MaterialHigh-density polyethylene.

Packing Cloth Tape are made from Film, paper, HDPE woven fabric and cloth. We are using BOPP film, Polyester film, kraft paper tape and reinforced cloth or film to make Packing Cloth Tape. Packing tapes are made with rubber as well as acrylic adhesive. To give extra strength in packing tape we use fiber reinforcement in paper or Cloth or film. We apply rubber adhesive for instant and heavy duty bonding application.


  • high adhesion even on rough surfaces

  • excellent tensile strength

  • can be written on

  • conformable

  • easy to remove without residues

  • no unpleasant smell

  • very surfaces for black and fluorescent

  • can be removed without leaving any residues from almost any surface

  • available in 11 colors: black, white, red, blue, green, yellow. The product also comes in four special fluorescent: pink, orange, yellow, and green.