High Tack Rubber Adhesive Industrial Cloth Coloured Duct Tape For Decoration

Cloth Tapes are one of the most common forms of adhesive tape and are used in a myraid of applications,due to there strength and conformability. The adhesive system most commonly used for Cloth Tapes is a rubber adhesive and,depending on the grade and quality,generally have poor U/V stability,so they are not suited for prolonged use outdoors. Nevertheless they are a versatile repair product.
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Detailed Product Description

Item Name:Cloth Duct Tape For DecorationAdhesive:Rubber Adhesive
Thickness:0.13mm-0.44mm .Length:25m, 50m,100 M, Or As Your Require
Width:24mm,25mm,45mm,48mm,50mm Or As You RequiredBacking:Cotton With PE
Mesh:27mesh , 35mesh , 50mesh , 70meshColors:Black,Red,Light Bule,Dark Bule, Green, Yellow, White, Brown,etc.

High Tack Rubber Adhesive Industrial Cloth Duct Tape For All-Purpose Application


Product Description:


Rubber Adhesive Base Glue Cloth Duct Tape For Decorative Masking

1.Backing: PE

2. Reinforcement: cotton yarn

3. Adhesive: synthetic rubber and resin

4.Thickness: 0.20mm, 0.22mm

5.Operating temperature:-5ºC~+70ºC (23ºF~158ºF)

6.Standard color: Black, red, white, blue, silver, brown, green

7.Certificate: RoHS ,MSDS



1. General maintenance

2. Air-conditioning duct 

3. Carpet fixing

ProductThickness (Micron)Adhesion (N/25mm)Tension (N/25mm)Elongation (%)ServiceTemp°C
Cloth Duct Tape1501010015-20°C~60°C
Cloth Duct Tape1601012015-20°C~60°C
Cloth Duct Tape1801213512-20°C~60°C
Cloth Duct Tape2001215010-20°C~60°C


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