OPP Gum Tape Jumbo Roll

OPALUS PACK manufacturer for OPP Gum Tape Jumbo Roll in sizes 980/1280/1620mmx4000mx43mic. Special prices everyday in FOB USD320-350 per roll. Product range:OPP Gum Tape Jumbo Roll,Bopp Adhesive Tape,Masking Tape,Double Sided Tape Etc.

Product Details

NameOPP Gum Tape Jumbo Roll
FeatureThis item is made from two parts.backing of bi-oriented polypropylene film and water based acrylic adhesion.with high tensile strength,high adhesion,printable and economy
Standard size





Normal thickness 36mic,40mic,45mic,48mic.50mic,52mic,etc  customize
Main usesealing carton,packing,protecting

What is the characteristics of OPP Gum Tape Jumbo Roll?

OPP Gum Tape Jumbo Roll is also known as bopp tape, packaging tape, it is bopp bidirectional tensile polypropylene film as the base material, after adding temperature evenly spread pressure-sensitive adhesive emulsion, make it form 8 micron -28 micron different rubber layer, bopp tape master roll, is light industry enterprises, companies, personal life indispensable supplies.Box sealing tape has instantaneous adhesive force, fixed capacity, easy to tear, flexibility, thin, smooth and other characteristics

BOPP box sealing tape specifications with "wide × long × thickness", where "wide" is the width of the tape, generally expressed in mm or cm, generally ≥10mm, as early as before the 1980s, common specifications are: 72mm, 60mm, 50mm, 30mm, etc.Nowadays, it has been gradually changed to: 60mm, 48mm, 45mm, 40mm, 30mm, etc."Length" refers to the total length after the belt is pulled open, which is generally expressed as "m" or "yard" (1 yard =0.9144m). The common lengths are 50m, 100m, 150m, 200m, 500m, etc.Thickness refers to the total thickness of BOPP original film + rubber layer (unit: micron, micron), commonly used 45 ~ 55 microns.Such as "50 mm x 100 m x 50 mu m".Unit price calculation method for each roll of adhesive tape: the adhesive tape industry usually USES "yuan/square meter" to calculate the price of adhesive tape, so "the price of each roll of adhesive tape = width (m) * length (m) * square price".High quality and high performance adhesive tape even in extreme weather conditions, its performance is good, suitable for storage of goods, container shipping and prevent goods theft, illegal opening, etc.Available in up to 6 colors and different sizes in the form of neutral and personalized packing tape.


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