Bopp Tape Jumbo Roll Manufacturer In India

OPALUS PACK manufacturer for Bopp Tape Jumbo Roll Manufacturer In India in sizes 980/1280/1620mmx4000mx43mic. Special prices everyday in FOB USD320-350 per roll. Product range:Cello Tape Jumbo Roll,Bopp Adhesive Tape,Masking Tape,Double Sided Tape Etc.

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Carrier:BOPP film
Adhesive:Water-based acrylic adhesive
Width: Usual 500mm, 980mm, 1000mm, 1010mm, 1270mm, 1280mm, 1310mm and 1610 mm (1620mm) or as per client’s needs.
Length:Any size is available. Usual 4000m, 6000m.
ColorClear, super clear, yellowish, golden, tan, brown, blue, red, white, green, yellow. 
Production Lead Time:First Order 15-20 Days After Deposit Payment. From Second About 10-15.
Shipping Methods:Ocean Freight
FOB Shipping Port:NINGBO, MAINLAND China.
Trade Term:If you want to deal with EXW/CIF/CNF term instead of FOB, please specify. Otherwise, FOB price will be quoted under inquiry.


How to choose and distinguish Bopp Tape Jumbo Roll Manufacturer In India?


The glue stand or fall of Bopp Tape Jumbo Roll Manufacturer In India is in use have two standards, one is initial stick force, one is hold to force, both become inverse ratio.Generally, the adhesive tape with adhesive force less than 10 is less than the size of the glue coating, generally only 20 microns or so, such as stationery tape, general promotional binding with adhesive tape.The initial sticking force of normal box sealing tape is between 15 and 20, and the thickness of this tape glue is generally 22-28 microns.Is the standard thickness.But at present most of the tape on the market are mixed with impurities, so the thickness increases, to hide impurities, glue also mixed with toner, so transparent tape appeared egg yellow, light green, this kind of tape is generally incomplete.

How does colored tape differ from good to bad?On the colored tape, generally yellow and earth yellow more.Pinch the glue and spread it out quickly. Pull the glue off one side and you can see the purity and transparency of the original film.You can also look at the thickness of the glue, assuming that no glue is spread or dotted, there are many impurities in the glue, and the glue has no cohesion.Two is too much water, has evaporated, at the moment this kind of adhesive tape at the beginning of the stick force has fallen very strong, feel can be distinguished.In fact, the difference between good and bad tape still have a lot of methods, as long as more careful in life, can identify the good or bad tape.


A: Why are you choose us?
    1)we are a factory, which means we can provide the products as required.
    2) We are trustworthy that more that 95% clients want to copperate with us again.
    3)We are professional manufacturer for all kinds of tapes.
    4) Competitive price
    5) On time ship
    6)Economical effective and timely communication
    7) Quality processing equipment that guarantees consistent quality.
 B: What is your payment terms?
    1)Payment terms: By T/T,30% deposit before produce,70%balance         must be paid after copy of  BL.
    2)Lead time:15-20workdays after deposit confirmed.
    3)Shipment Methods:By air,by DHL

  C:What certification do you have ?
     ISO9001 ,MSDS , ROSH ,SGS 

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