Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll

OPALUS PACK manufacturer for Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll in sizes 980/1280/1620mmx4000mx43mic. Special prices everyday in FOB USD320-350 per roll. Product range:Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll,Bopp Adhesive Tape,Masking Tape,Double Sided Tape Etc.

Product Details


4000m x 38/42/45/48mic adhesive tape jumbo roll are high quality tapes that can be used for almost all applications. High quality tapes usually go together with applicators that have been well driven in practice. There are many types of tape available in the market today. Some are reinforced while others are not. You need to make a clear choice so as to have the best for the application that you want.

Material: BOPP film based, coating with water acrylic pressure sensitive glue on one side.

Application: Widely used for packing, sealing, bundling, affixing, office use and so on.


Jumbo roll: 1280mm*4000m / 980mm*4000m / 1620mm*4000m

Finished roll: 48mm*100m (Can be produced by customer's requirement)

Thickness: 35mic~60mic

Characteristics of Adhesive Tape Jumbo Roll:

 1. Controlled opening -- the box tape can be pulled out of the coil in a controlled manner, neither too loose nor too tight.

 2, flexibility - sealing tape can easily adapt to the sharp curve shape.

 3. Smoothness -- the box sealing tape feels smooth and won't irritate the hands when pressed.

 4. Anti-transfer -- no adhesive will be left after the box sealing tape is removed.

 5, anti-fragmentation - sealing tape will not appear in segments.

 6. Anti-retracement -- the sealing tape can extend along the curve surface without retracement and retracement.

 17. Peeling resistance -- the paint will stick tightly to the back of the sealing tape.


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