Foshan Opalus Adhesive Products Co.,Ltd

Company Profile Foshan Opalus Adhesive Product Co.,Ltd Foshan Opalus Adhesive Product Co.,Ltd was established in 2004,which is located in Foshan, Guangdong. We are a professional manufacturer of various kinds of packing materials such as BOPP Packing Tape...

Hot Products

    • Reinforced Paper Tape

      Reinforced Paper Tape

      OPALUS PACK manufacturer for Reinforced Paper Tape.

    • Tape Roll Jumbo

      Tape Roll Jumbo

      OPALUS PACK manufacturer for Tape Roll Jumbo in sizes 980/1280/1620mmx4000mx43mic. Special prices everyday in FOB USD320-350 per roll. Product range:Bopp Packing Tape Jumbo Rolls,Bopp Adhesive Tape,Masking Tape,Double Sided Tape Etc.